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Odour Removal

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Removing Smoke Smell From Your Car

Whether you're selling a vehicle or have purchased one with an odour you can't remove, a safe onsite treatment can remove it from the fabric and ventilation system quickly. Whether its smoke odors (the most prevalent), mold and mildew, protein odors (rotting meat, dead animals & human body fluids).

Removing Odours from Furniture

You just recently purchased some used furniture and didn't notice the odour until placing it in your home. Here are some of the odours I can remove. Smoke (all forms cigarette, burnt proteins like meat, charred and burnt wood and other matters commonly called smoke damage.)
Cooking, mold and mildew, urine and feces, skunk, nonenal, marijuana, diesel, gasoline & other petroleum odours.

As of right now my success rate is 100%. Please call or Text  519-591-9387 for any questions or use the Contact Form.

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